Desert Golf is a sport played in the desert.

These golf courses are located in a natural desert environment. In the majority of cases, this prevents them from having trees. Because of a lack of rain, they are unable to grow the types of trees that are found on golf courses such as Augusta National.

In addition, when compared to other types of golf courses, the grass situation is quite unique. Most desert golf courses have no grass except for the tee box, fairways, and putting green, which are the only places where you can play golf. Any desert course that includes grass in the rough is going above and beyond in order to achieve that goal. In the majority of cases, they will only have rough ground that is extremely dry where there should be rough ground to begin with.

At a desert golf course, the rough areas off of the fairway can make for very uncomfortable shots and awful lies that golfers must contend with in order to execute their shots.

Other characteristics of desert golf courses include the fact that it is extremely hot and that the air is extremely dry. Keep in mind that when you play on a desert golf course, you will be able to see all of the characteristics of the desert in their entirety.

Golf Courses in the Desert that are well-known

The Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale is arguably the most well-known golf course in the professional golf world, and for good reason. A lot of memorable PGA Tour moments have occurred on that golf course, and TPC Scottsdale is also an incredible place to visit if you’re planning a golf vacation in the area.

Coral Canyon Golf Course and the Lakes Course at Primm Valley Golf Club are two other incredible and well-known desert golf courses in Southern Nevada.

Where do Desert Golf Courses have their headquarters?

Desert golf courses are most commonly found in the Middle East and the southwestern United States, which are the world’s two most populous desert regions. Those are the most well-known courses in the world, but there are others in smaller towns and cities around the world that may have a course or two.

  • Golfing Destinations in the United States
  • New Mexico is a state in the United States.
    Nevada’s southern California region

There are a number of other states that have golf courses in the desert, but those are unquestionably the best places to play golf in the world!

Golf Courses in the Parkland vs Golf Courses in the Desert

A parkland golf course is one that has a lot of trees and grass, and it is usually not exposed to a lot of wind. Due to the fact that it is located in a natural desert, a desert golf course will not have many trees or grasses, and it will likely have a lot of wind. According to the course, it can be extremely variable.

Links golf courses are typically located along a coastline and feature rolling terrain with a variety of grasses to play on. The most common links-style golf courses are those that are used for the Open Championship in Europe, which are played on links-style golf courses.

Because of the climate in Europe, links golf is extremely popular, and desert-style golf is virtually non-existent there. Desert golf courses are located in natural desert environments and have only grass on the greens, fairways, and the majority of tee boxes. In almost every way, these two golf courses are diametrically opposed to one another.

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